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Current version: 0.2
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Here you can find the available documentation for BASTED.

Instructions on how to install BASTED with Postfix that supports MySQL for virtual_alias_maps.
Instructions on how to install BASTED with Postfix and catch all support (@domain.tld).
Users Manual
A (kind of) complete documentation on how to use BASTED.
This kind of look like INSTALL.MAILBOX but it works for BASTED 0.1.
Quick hacks and fixes
Here we will list quick hacks and fixes of BASTED to solve small problems until each release is out. Ofcourse if there is a critical bug or security problem we would issue a new release ASAP, but for changes that are simple we would like to ask for your understanding and hopefully your forgiveness since you'd have to make the fixes for your self :-)
basted2sql.pl finish problem
Can't call method "finish" on an undefined value at ./basted2sql.pl
 line 49.
This is a problem that many of you might saw when you run basted2sql.pl on an em pty maildir folder. In order to fix this one (until the v0.3 is out) you can edi t the file and change the line 49 from:
if($to=="") { $sth->finish()};
This will stop the error.
Thanks to Alex for reporting this one.
MySQL 4.0.x users might noticed that when you access the spam.php file you get an error like this.
Viewing: [Spam]select *, if(mailbox.receipient in (SELECT genmail FROM
generated ORDER BY genmail),'Spam','Direct') as alias_status,
IFNULL((SELECT count(id) FROM communications WHERE mboxid=mailbox.id
ORDER BY id LIMIT 1),'Not Reported') as whois_status FROM mailbox ORDER
by date desc: You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual
that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to
use near 'SELECT genmail FROM generated ORDER BY genmail),'Spam','Direct'
Warning: mysql_fetch_object(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL
result resource in /bla/bla/bla
Since we really need your feedback and testing before BASTED goes from beta to stable we hacked the spam.php in order to work with older versions of mysql too. This new version of spam.php might cause a bit slower render of the SPAM pages but it wont be noticable (unless you have 1000s of spams). The new version can be found here.

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